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19/2/2021 v2.1.0 remade chatroom, (dosen't work properly yet)

15/2/2021 v2.0.0 added sign in page, you should be able to sign up now!

13/2/2021 v1.5.0 redid styling, added almost working login

17/1/2021 v1.3.3 updated some minor stuff

2/1/2021 v1.3.2 fixed white background glitch; did database work

22/12/20 v1.3.1 updated contact form styling; minor changlog updates

19/12/20 v1.3.0 added Chat Room

15/12/20 v1.2.0 added Contact for good; updated changelog styling

12/12/20 v1.1.4 removed Contact(didn't work); updated changelog styling

10/12/20 v1.1.3 added Contact; fixed some minor errors

10/12/20 v1.1.2 changed News page to Changelog; updated changelog styling

8/12/20 v1.1.1 added version; minor updates

7/12/20 v1.1.0 added Game page